Hautaki was incorporated in 2000

Hautaki was established to,

  1. increase the participation of Māori in the knowledge economy, in particular the information  and telecommunication sector in New Zealand; and

  2. acquire spectrum management rights and to enter into successful commercial arrangements regarding those rights for the benefit of Māori and the beneficiaries of this Trust.

There are currently five directors on the board of Hautaki, George Reedy (Chair), Toa Greening, Lee Grace, Debbie Packer and Daphne Luke.  Daphne, Debbie, George and Toa serve as Trustees of Te Huarahi Tika.

The major shareholders of 2degrees are Trilogy International Aotearoa LLC (incorporated in the USA), Tesbrit B.V (incorporated in the Netherlands), and Hautaki.

2degrees is a privately-owned company and can sell and purchase shares, subject to a shareholders’ agreement.  Early negotiations with the other shareholders, allowed Hautaki to acquire shares through capital raising and to sell those shares to a special class of investor known as “Approved Māori Investors”.  This recognised Hautaki’s custodial role as facilitating investment amongst other Māori organisations in 2degrees.

In 2017, Trilogy International listed publicly on the Toronto Stock Exchange.  Subsequently, Hautaki traded its 2degrees shares for shares in Trilogy International.


What is radio the spectrum and how is it managed? The Crown provided full evidence about the nature of radio spectrum in its submissions to the WAI776 claim. In short, the radio spectrum is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. While an electromagnetic wave is a physical thing, the electromagnetic spectrum and the radio spectrum are concepts – they could perhaps be described as catalogs of certain types of electromagnetic waves. Specifically, “the radio spectrum” is the name for electromagnetic waves that have frequencies between 3 kHz and 300 GHz.

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