Te Huarahi Tika and its subsidiaries acknowledge the efforts and contributions of those in whose shoes we walk.  Their kaitiakitanga established and grew an asset for Māori that the current generation of trustees, directors and electoral college members strive to demonstrate good stewardship over.

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini
My strength is not of the one, but of the many

Hautaki and 2 Degrees

Tex Edwards founded 2degrees in February 2001 and provided initial capital.  Later that year investments were made by Strive Masiyiwa’s Econet Wireless group and shortly afterwards the pan-Māori trust Hautaki.

After successfully advocating for critical regulatory realignment 2degrees was fully capitalised in 2007 and construction of its mobile network began.

Tex Edwards sold his interests in 2degrees in 2016 after some 15 years of support for 2degrees including as a senior executive, director and founding shareholder.


Archbishop and Primate and Governor General of NZ.  Sir Paul served as the original settlor for Te Huarahi Tika Trust.


As one of the original architects of the Māori Spectrum Trust, Paul carried on to serve as an original Te Huarahi trustee and a Hautaki director.


The renowned Maori leader who chaired both the Whanganui River Māori Trust Board and Te Ohu Kaimoana was one of the founding trustees of Te Huarahi Tika and a member of the Electoral College.  Sir Archie was pivotal to securing the support of Māori and claimants.


Another architect of the Māori Spectrum Trust, Rod MacLeod brought his financial and business expertise to our planning and establishment.


The New Zealand Māori Council chair and later president was an integral part of the Trust’s establishment.  Sir Graham was a founding trustee, a member of the electoral college and remained the Trust’s patron until his passing in 2016.


The ex All Black applied his strategy and energy to the establishment of the Trust.  He was able to solicit the support of Māori leaders around the country including members of the spectrum claimant group.  Bill negotiated final settlement with the Crown, sought the support of investors and lobbied the Crown to establish a suitable regulatory framework.  He was a trustee, director for Hautaki and the inaugural chair of 2degrees.


This London based Zimbabwean businessman was the founder and executive chairman of diversified international telecommunications group Econet Wireless.  Strive was an original shareholder with Hautaki in Econet Wireless NZ which later became 2degrees. This entrepreneur provided leadership and support as Hautaki established itself in the telecommunications industry.


The first CEO of 2degrees Mobile, demonstrated over and over again his love and support for New Zealand and his commitment to Māori through the Trust.  He established the 2degrees cadetships, scholarships and sponsorship of major events. His drive saw the development and release of the world’s first Te Reo smartphone with Huawei.


Jacqui devoted her life to helping and leading others.  Representing the Māori Women’s Welfare League, she provided leadership and supported new trustees to transition into their new roles.  She was an original trustee and a member of the Electoral College.


As an original member of the Te Huarahi Tika Trust and a director for Hautaki, Neville’s contribution in terms of guiding our relationships with the public sector was invaluable as we worked with the Crown to establish a suitable regulatory framework.


As an original trustee of Te Huarahi Tika and a director for Hautaki, Derek brought with him thirty years in Māori theater and broadcasting.  Derek’s creativity and innovation shaped many of our plans and arrangements.


Māori producer, director, writer and presenter, Tainui Stephens provided cultural leadership and safety to the Trustees and directors.  He was an original trustee and became “the voice of 2degrees”.


Business consultant and independent director, Brian provided leadership as Chair of Hautaki and a 2degrees director.  His experience in senior management roles in telecommunications, energy, venture capital and IT served the group well over the years he spent with us.


Tina’s background in accounting, investment, business strategy, financial management and economic development proved invaluable on the Trust as she shaped our finance and audit policy and practices.


Antony’s 20 years as an ICT consultant and senior manager combined with his stakeholder management were vital to the Trust in recent years.  He was a conduit to the WAI2224 claimants and to the wider ICT industry. Antony served as a trustee, a Hautaki director and as a director for 2degrees.


As the chair of the New Zealand Maori Internet Society, Karaitiana brought with him a communications and marketing background that assisted in our promotions and stakeholder management.  He served as a trustee and as a Hautaki director.


Mereana brought a deep understanding of kaupapa based model of engagement which supported the Board’s planning and activity.  Her experience with Te Wananga o Raukawa’s Treaty claims provided additional support in terms of our work with the Crown.


Missy supported the meeting of our financial accountability and compliance responsibilities. She brought a clarity of thinking and process that strengthened the Board’s decision-making and reporting.