E ngĀ mana,
e ngĀ reo,
e ngĀ karangatanga maha,
tĒnĀ koutou

Te Huarahi Tika Trust seeks to increase the participation of Māori in the knowledge economy, in particular, the information and telecommunications sector in New Zealand.

Te Huarahi Tika Trust was incorporated as a charitable trust in 2000 to enable Maori a right of purchase over the third generation spectrum (3G) radio frequency being auctioned by the Crown that year.

Creating opportunities

Our Key Objectives Include:


Educational Services

Promotion of education and training programmes that support Māori in the fields of ICT


Skill Development

Skill development in the ICT sectors


Research in ICT

Foster and promote research and development into ICT and technology



The promotion and facilitation of access to business mentors, conferences, presentations and other learning experiences.



Scholarships and grant making to Māori communities to give access to telecommunications technology, with a focus on remote and economically disadvantaged communities